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Jeffrey Hart, BBA, FCIP
Direct line: (604) 694-7642 | Download V-Card


Bruce MacKinnon, B. Com, CIP
Underwriting Manager  
Direct line: (604) 694-7670 | Download V-Card

John Woodcock
Underwriting Manager  
Direct line: (604) 694-7671 | Download V-Card


Cameron Copeland, MBA, CPA, CMA, FCIP, CRM
Underwriting Manager  
Direct line: (604) 694-7641 | Download V-Card


Tommy Truong, CIP, CAIB
Branch Manager, Langley  
Direct line: (604) 532-6864 | Download V-Card


Neil Davis
Casualty Manager  
Direct line: (604) 539-5322 | Download V-Card


Greg Harrison, CIP
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7672 | Download V-Card


Shirley Phillips
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7643 | Download V-Card


Ean Bellamy, BSc
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7640 | Download V-Card


Peter Nguyen, CIP
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7673 | Download V-Card


Derek Humphrey, BA, CIP
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-6881 | Download V-Card


Michael Whiteside, MA, DipPersM, CIP
Senior Underwritter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7684 | Download V-Card


Jessica Homewood
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7676 | Download V-Card


Ajsa Besic, B. Com, CIP
Senior Underwriter  
Direct line: (604) 694-7675 | Download V-Card

Geoff Kong, BA, CIP
Direct line: (604) 694-7645 | Download V-Card


Leah Brambleby
Direct line: (604) 694-7678 | Download V-Card


Sydney Knowles
Direct line: (604) 694-7679 | Download V-Card


Mark Paje
Direct line: (604) 694-7649 | Download V-Card


Sarah Hudson, BA, CAIB, CIP
Direct line: (604) 694-6882 | Download V-Card


Yvonne Sam
Underwriting Assistant  
Direct line: (604) 694-7682 | Download V-Card


Lori Kipp
Underwriting Assistant  
Direct line: (604) 694-7647 | Download V-Card


Andrea Tran
Underwriting Assistant  
Direct line: (604) 694-6883 | Download V-Card


Courtney Colbon, BFA
Underwriting Assistant  
Direct line: (604) 685-6533 | Download V-Card

Brent Lexier, BA, CIP, CRM
Claims Manager  
Direct line: (604) 694-7685 | Download V-Card


Sarah Moore, CIP, CRM
Claims Examiner  
Direct line: (604) 694-7686 | Download V-Card


Anna Leung, BSc
Claims Assistant  
Direct line: (604) 694-7687 | Download V-Card


Siobhan Jacobsen
Project and Systems Coordinator, Langley  
Direct line: (604) 694-7681 | Download V-Card


Evelyn Yenson, BSc, ACIS
Direct line: (604) 694-7648 | Download V-Card


Debbie Jung
Assistant Accountant  
Direct line: (604) 694-7683 | Download V-Card


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